My name is Ninthe Kiemeneij and I am a graphic designer, illustrator and animator based in The Hague.
I offer an in-depth design trajectory consisting out of a strategic phase if necessary. The client is involved every step of the way to ensure that the designs will serve your company for years to come.
I have a great passion for qualitative research, collective psychology, brand identity systems, bookmaking, micro-typography and printed matter in general. Next to that you could say I am quite obsessed with animating and anything motion graphics.

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Client Testimonials
'I had a great time working with Ninthe. She was exceptionally punctual, proposed a lot of creative ideas and I felt heard every step of the way. In the end I could not have been happier with my new brand identity!'

 - Dionne Hallegraef, CEO of Make it a Story
'Ninthe was willing to go the extra mile during our collaboration. I loved that she was pro-active, she did not shy away from asking questions that needed to be asked. Next time we will surely work together again.'

 - Adanya Dunn, Founder of Red Light Arts & Culture
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