I/S     (ink). social design - landing page design bouwbox

objective          ABN AMRO wants to eliminate the pay-gap between men and women and to do that, the goal was to stimulate men to take their full paternity leave. Design agency (Ink), created a symbolic gift aimed towards expecting fathers, called the Bouwbox. 
My job was to create a pitch for a landing page for employers as well as expecting parents to order the Bouwbox. I was in charge of concept development, strategy, as well as wireframing and the execution of the design.
leadtime - 1 week
ui design
the color palette was based on the bouwbox that had been created by (ink). social design (see below). as supporting colors i added a neutral beige color and black and white.
i was also asked to design an app, with which you and your partner are able to fill out an interactive questionnaire to see how the domestic chores are divided, it is quite insightful!
conclusion          I loved working on this project, because it is a cause I feel connected to, but also this colorful atmosphere lifted me up everytime I was working on it. Currently we are waiting for the client to hear if they will choose this pitch.
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