M/S   myrte strik - dissertation design

objective          Myrte strik wrote a dissertation about Multiple Sclerosis. She wanted something unique and bold, but timeless and academic at the same time. We chose to work with illustrations, so a muted color palette was the key to keep everything balanced. 
On the cover below you can see the limbs and bodyparts overlapping: this illustrates the chaos in the by MS affected brain. However, it is not chaotic on the page. The choice for a sans-serif font was made because it remains legible, as well as modern and clean. 
leadtime - 3 weeks
micro typography
data visualiSation
the thesis consistS of ten chapters, for EACH OF which i wanted to use a highlight color (SEE THE EXAMPLE BELOW). the key was to choose a color palette, that would stay cohesive and one that would not become too overpowering, EVEN IF A LOT OF COLORS ARE USED.
The bookmark is a very essential part of the thesis. not only will you be able to keep track of what you read, it also functions as an invitation. on the right you see some proposals. one with, and one without an illustration. we chose the bookmark without an illustration. it doesn’t scream for your attention, and it compliments the bookcover, rather than fights with it.
conclusion          In the end we made a beautiful object that truly stands out from the rest. The cover communicates the topic well and I really love the entire outcome of the project. Myrte has graduated and is currently working in Australia.
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