S/I    self initiated - schrijven in de taal der spraak

objective          I love language. I love it and I am critical of it. Language is a carrier of history, and a lot can be seen if you pay close attention to it. If you know me you have probably heard me say 'language is a power structure', once or twice. This project is an editorial book about language.  
I recorded a conversation with two friends, and later edited out all of the things that make written language stand out from spoken language. All of the 'ehms', 'likes', 'ahums', etc. were made into footnotes just to see how much of our spoken language are actually empty words.
leadtime - 2 weeks
micro typography
editorial design
conclusion          You cannot make me happier than to give me a type-oriented project. I hope to be making a lot more of these in the futue.
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