M/I   miscelaneous - illustrations

objective          Along with graphic design, strategy and marketing, illustration makes up a big chunk of my activities. I make editorial illustrations that get published in magazines such as OneWorld, but also commercial illustrations, to amp up a graphic visual identity.
2020 - 2023
leadtime - ongoing
objective          Below you see a set of illustrations I made regarding mental health. I made these during Covid-19 while locked up inside the house. I was trying to set rules and create a routine for myself in order to stay sane.
objective          Here you see a selection of some illustrations I created during a 100-day-challenge. I wanted to find my authentic style, therefore I challenged myself and made one drawing per day during a 100 days. I cannot recommend this method enough, it helped me a lot.
conclusion          In illustration I can let it all go. It offers me an escape from daily routines and literally adds color and joy to my life. I think this shows in the results.
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